Successful and supportive reentry means that recently released citizens need more than just a stable place to live.

They need step-by- step assistance in obtaining the necessary resources and education that contributes to a successful transition from prison to personal independence. This is what makes our Restoring Citizens Program stand apart from what currently exists in San Diego County.



San Diego County Has a Real Need for Transitional Housing

Citizens Are on Supervision

Are Considered Transient or Homeless


We feel that all citizens are responsible and accountable for the destruction and mayhem that they have caused to our communities.

We are committed to providing this opportunity to formerly incarcerated individuals by including them as an integral part of educating and contributing to our communities in measurable ways. We invite these individuals, their families, law enforcement, and all other local community members to partake in
reinventing the reentry process.

The Truth Is Simple ...

Returned citizens will have multi-faceted challenges post-release, and they will need assistance facing them.

At Restoring Citizens we understand these challenges first-hand, and we're prepared to help.